Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos
Universidade Federal de Goias
XXVII Semana do IME
18 - 21/10/2016
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Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos is a Event Administration System. You'll only need to register once only. After this preliminary registration, you will have access to inscriptions managed by the system.
Outline of the Registration Process:
  1. Initial Registration: Register
  2. Confirm Registration: Confirm Registration
  3. Login: Login
  4. Inscribe to inscriptions manage by Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos...

Confirm Registration

If you have already received your Confirmation Code, access Confirm Registration in order to confirm your registrationo. If you have not received your Confirmation Code:
  • Verify your 'Spam' Inbox.
  • If you should find any messages send by the system there, please, mark them as 'Not Spam', in order to receive future messages sent by the system.


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