Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos
Universidade Federal de Goias
XXVIII Semana do IME
17 - 19/10/2018
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Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos is a Event Administration System. You'll only need to register once only. After this preliminary registration, you will have access to inscriptions managed by the system.
Outline of the Registration Process:
  1. Initial Registration: Register
  2. Confirm Registration: Confirm Registration
  3. Login: Login
  4. Inscribe to inscriptions manage by Sivent 2.717: Sistema de Gestão de Eventos...


In order to register users, we need some data:
  • Your Name - as it should be known in any Inscriptions and/or Certificates submitted within the system.
  • Your Email - will be used as your user name (login) by the system.
  • A Password for authentication.
The informed email, must be valid and controlled by you - this will be confirmed by the system, sending you a message containingo:
  • Confirm Code.
  • Direct link to the Confirm Form.


Inform Password (Min. 8 characters):
Confirm Password:

If you're not receiving the messages send by the system, please: verify your Spam Mailbox. If you find messages sent by the system in your there, please identify these as 'Non Spam'.