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Universidade Federal de Goiás

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Status Title Official Site Event Period Inscription Period Inscription Fee Program List of Registrants
Inscriptions closed CAPMEM, IME, UFG, 2016-1 http://www.ime.ufg.br/capmem 25-29/01/2016 19/11/2015- 16/01/2016
Inscriptions closed SLIME-α, IME, UFG, 2015-2 http://estat.mat.ufg.br/p/13016-slime-software-livre-ime-ufg 18-20/11/2015 07/11/2015- 03/12/2015 Vagas limitadas: Valor 10R$ para as primeiras 80 inscritos. Veja mais.
Inscriptions closed 2º ENGOPE, IME, UFG, 2015-2 http://www.engope.mat.ufg.br 18-20/11/2015 29/08/2015- 13/11/2015 Event Program Unavailable
Inscriptions closed Inscrições, OMEG, 2015 http://omeg.mat.ufg.br 31/10/2015 04/08/2015- 05/10/2015
Inscriptions closed CAPMEM, IME, UFG, 2015-2 http://www.ime.ufg.br/capmem 20-24/07/2015 20/05/2015- 05/07/2015
Author: Prof. Dr. Ole Peter Smith, IME, UFG
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